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Feb 13, 2019

Today, the Geezers have the privilege of interviewing one of the more intriguing individuals in production today. Andrew Gumper, the owner and founder of AG Productions, has created an entirely new and unique genre in the world of Staging and Rigging. He calls it the "Mega Structure, and that's exactly what it it. 

We interview Andrew to learn more about his structures and the origin of Mega Structures, but specifically, we learn more about his recent involvement with the SuperBowl in creating what must have been the largest and most intricate temporary concert venue ever built. This 72,000 sq ft structure would occupy 6000 people for a Foo Fighters concert. It included mezzanine levels, VIP boxes, a DJ booth and so much more. The 100ft tall structure would take 28,000 man hours to go up and down and included over 5 miles of steal beams. 

I hope you enjoy listening to Andrew discuss this project. He has a "no big deal" air about him, but this really was a BIG deal!