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Aug 23, 2022

Vic's 40 year career began in NY and brought him to California, and recently he moved to be closer to family in Virginia. He's worked with a "who's who" of talent, and has an enviable resume. We had a fun chat about everything from ice hockey to travel and even a little bit of lighting! Sponsored by

Aug 19, 2022

It's funny how many folks think of Donny as a "video guy", when he has spent his entire career in lighting design and lighting account exec roles. Perhaps it's the last bunch of years he's spent with Video West... who are also an estimated 40% lighting. Anyway... learn this and more on Episode 172, brought to you by

Aug 17, 2022

Few designers have stayed as busy, throughout their careers, as Cosmo has. And like Frank, he really has done it his way! From Judas Priest and AC/DC to Aerosmith, Journey, Blondie and more - Cosmo has had a blast. This year alone has been a highlight of most careers, but he isn't slowing down! Brought to you by Elation...

Jul 25, 2022

Chris was born in Malta, schooled in Scotland, moved to USA, then to China where he began working with Ayrton. Now, he lives in Germany, but works in Paris... Confused? Listen to Episode 170 and you'll clear that all up! A great talk with one of the kindest folks in the business. Brought to you by

Jul 18, 2022

There are not many clubs in the world at the level of Club E11EVEN, and there are not many lighting design and installation companies who could have envisioned this, and pulled it off. That club became a pivital moment in the growth and legitimacy of Miami based iDesign. But the truth is, Michael and Christine started...