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Nov 19, 2022

Ben helps to select the greatest lighting products for Live Events and Zenith Lighting. Gain insights on his picks for the best stuff at LDI 2022! 

Nov 19, 2022

Chris is a well known account executive working with Christie Lites in New York and shares some great product insights from the LDI show floor. 

Oct 11, 2022

We had COVID... it came, tried very hard to destroy our industry, then (for the most part) left - and it's like we've learned nothing. As an industry, we went back to what we were doing, and forgot the important lessons we've learned. So a group of us, Marcel, Michael Strickland, Ellen Lampert (LDI), Seth Jackson and...

Aug 23, 2022

Vic's 40 year career began in NY and brought him to California, and recently he moved to be closer to family in Virginia. He's worked with a "who's who" of talent, and has an enviable resume. We had a fun chat about everything from ice hockey to travel and even a little bit of lighting! Sponsored by

Aug 19, 2022

It's funny how many folks think of Donny as a "video guy", when he has spent his entire career in lighting design and lighting account exec roles. Perhaps it's the last bunch of years he's spent with Video West... who are also an estimated 40% lighting. Anyway... learn this and more on Episode 172, brought to you by