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Mar 6, 2020

Phay began back in the 70s, with his first "break" coming from Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats. Shortly there after, he began working with a group of teenagers from Sheffield England called Def Leppard, who at the time had just recorded their first album. Both acts would go on to do HUGE things, and Phay's relationship continued for decades with both.

Phay transitioned from LD to LD and Production Manager, then, in the '90s, he decided to focus just on being a great PM. Since that time, Phay has worked with many great artists, and while speaking with me on the podcast, he's actually out with Ricky Martin, currently doing a large outdoor show in Mexico. 

Phay, or Phamous as he's been nicknamed, is a real gem in the business, and this is a "must hear" podcast for anyone in (or interested in) concert touring.

SORRY FOR ANY AUDIO GLITCHES... Phay is talking from a hotel room in Mexico - with "dodgy internet connection"

This episode is brought to you by ROE Visual, 

Phay McMahon while on Ricky Martin / 2020